Aloha Aire Heating and Air Conditioning;
A Small Business Success Story

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
– John Maxwell

With a used service van and precious little cash, John Price set out to start his own heating and air conditioning company. That was in 1995. More than 20 years later, John is president of Aloha Aire, one of the most successful heating and air conditioning companies in the area as evidenced by the size of the company and the national and local awards it has won over the years for customer service and notable business practices.

When asked how he has been able to grow his business from a one-man operation to a company supporting many employees and their families, John reflects on the two principal factors that he views as the foundation of his business. First and foremost, he said, “All of us at Aloha Aire ‘care’. We care about our customers and their needs and we care about each other.” Second and simply put, “Success follows an emphasis on quality,” said John. Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality service to every customer. He believes these factors are the foundation of his growing business and are the reason why most of his customers who believed in him back in the mid 1990’s are still a part of his loyal customer base.

The Early Years

John Price chose to be an HVAC service technician because he loved working with his hands and he loved talking to people. “Once I started working in the business, I loved it.” John worked for several different heating and air conditioning companies to learn the skills he would need to eventually open his own business.

In 1995, John decided it was time to strike out on his own. With four children and the support of his wife, he bought a used service van and traveled to Austin to apply for an HVAC license. The business was originally called Price Service Company. During those first years, John was on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and his oldest son, Jason, often worked alongside his dad.

Sheer determination, the support of friends and family, and a solid work ethic propelled Price Service Company into the community as a viable option for heating and air conditioning needs. As his customer base grew he knew his gamble had paid off. His business was going to be successful.


John Price believes success comes from hard work and thinking ahead. So, after attending national training and best business practice conferences, it was obvious that it was time to make some changes. John had learned that branding would help to make his business more recognizable in the marketplace. And so, Aloha Aire was born. “After the name change our customers began to ‘notice’ the service vans more and remember the name ‘Aloha’ more easily.” What a success it was! His success story was recognized nationally when he was named an “Emerging Entrepreneur” and received the Ron Smith Trail Blazer Award in 2012.

In addition, John searched for the highest quality equipment to offer his customers. He knew instinctively that he wanted to offer products that are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. “We see the value in the quality and reliability that American made products offer.” The Aloha Aire line of Paradise Comfort Systems is an Amana product that is built right here in Texas. We feel our customers deserve the highest quality products available and Amana fits that bill.


One of the greatest sources of satisfaction from John’s success, is the ability his company has to give back to the community that supports him and allowed his business to flourish. “Because of all that we’ve been able to achieve in our business here locally, it’s important for us to do our part to strengthen our community and positively impact the lives of the people here,” said John. Several years ago, Aloha Aire began the We CARE program for that purpose. The word “CARE” in our program stands for community, animals, resources, and education. Through this program, we have found opportunities to give back to our community through donating service work to the Animal Care and Adoption Center, giving scholarships to graduating seniors, donations and service work to the Boy Scouts of America, offering discounts on service work to all first responders, law officers, and teacher and many other ways.


As far as the future of Aloha Aire Heating and Cooling, it’s full steam ahead for John Price. He takes great pride in the history of his company and looks forward to serving the Texarkana area for many years to come.